Finding the Best Mens Lingerie Store


Finding the best mens lingerie store can be rather difficult for those men that simply must be able to try on an item before buying it. Naturally, there will always be those lingerie items that will never be allowed to touch someone’s body unless it has been purchased, such as panties, for instance. On the other hand, there are some nighties or bras that stores won’t mind allowing men to try on prior to buying them. It really depends on how intimate the item is as to whether or not trying it on before buying will be permitted.

For those guys that are more certain of their sizes, an online mens lingerie store will probably work out best. For one thing, the online stores will have more of a variety of items to choose from than a physical store. In addition, you will not have to deal with one of those helpful sales associates that keeps following you around and peering over your shoulder as you browse, offering their assistance. Nothing can be more maddening than that. Plus, you also don’t have to worry about running into anyone that you know while shopping for your lingerie. Of course, you should consider the fact that anyone in that store is shopping for the same thing that you are. So that should cut down on your embarrassment.

When you choose to shop at an online mens lingerie store, you get to just shop from the comfort of your home. In fact, you can even wear some of your lingerie while you sit back and shop for more items. Then, make your selections and place your order. All that is left after that is to eagerly await the arrival of your newly purchased lingerie items. You will have added to your collection and the only one that knows is you.


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Becoming a Mens Lingerie Store Model


Walking into a mens lingerie store the other day, I noticed that there were some designs in the back that I had never noticed in the past. I frequent this particular store on a regular basis, but I have never noticed the lingerie that was on display in the back. The clerk, whom I have known for a very long time, told me that they had just gotten those designs in that morning and he wasn’t even sure what all was there. So I took it upon myself to go back and check them out to see if there was anything I might be interested in.

As it turned out, everything in the new display of that mens lingerie store was something I wanted to try. I couldn’t believe how great all those designs looked, but I didn’t have enough money to purchase them all. I almost asked if there was any way I could try them on, but I know they wouldn’t let me do something like that. I know I wouldn’t want to buy lingerie after having another guy wearing them around in the store. But the clerk did tell me I could try a couple out and model them for the store.

Not only did this mens lingerie store allow me to try on some of the newest designs to model them, but they let me take them for free after snapping a few pictures. I am now the unofficial lingerie model for that store and my pictures are hanging up all over the place. Every time they get something new in, they give me a call to see if I want to model for them. I guess it is a good thing that I have spent so much time and effort into making my body look as good as it possibly can. Otherwise, I wouldn’t feel anywhere near as confident as I do wearing that new lingerie.

The Joys of an Online Mens Lingerie Store



More and more in recent years, men have started to admit to wearing lingerie under their clothes or just round their homes. This trend has precipitated the need for a mens lingerie store so that these guys can do the type of intimate shopping that they need. The really amazingly awesome thing is that these types of stores actually do exist and you don’t have to look very hard for them once you start.


To begin with, the best place to start your search is on the Internet. This is where you are likely to discover plenty of websites that cater to men that like to wear lingerie made especially for them. In addition, using a mens lingerie store online will afford you more privacy as browse as your leisure. You don’t have any sales associates hanging around asking you over and over whether or not you need any help. At home, you can take as long as you want to select your merchandise. Of course, you will have to wait longer for it to be in your hands, but that kind of privacy is worth the wait to many men.


Just think how relaxing it can be to come home after a long day, pour a glass of wine and sit down with your laptop. Pull up your favorite mens lingerie store and start to browse through the items found there. Then you find several lingerie items that you like and decide that you want them. Once you click on that order button, a feeling of relief flows through you in knowing that they will be there within a few days. When you play that scene in your mind, you’ll see just how joyful this shopping experience will be the next time that you decide to live it in reality.


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Discovering Mens Lingerie Store Shopping


Shopping in a mens lingerie store is something I never actually thought I would be doing when I got older but I have to admit that I enjoy it. Sometimes, you need to go out in the world and experience something in your life that you never would have thought of doing in the past. I always pictured myself going on with my life like every other guy but, once I started wearing mens lingerie, I realized there was more to life. Now I am wearing some of the sexiest lingerie you could ever imagine and my life feels absolutely complete as far as I am concerned.

The first time I ever walked in to a mens lingerie store, I was a bit scared as to how I was going to be treated. You always imagine that there is going to be someone in that store that will think you are some kind of a freak for wanting to enjoy something like this. What I found was that the people in the store were simply guys like me, wanting to enjoy something in their lives that they can’t enjoy out in public. Well, I guess you could enjoy it out in public but people would think you were nuts for doing it.

Being able to find a mens lingerie store in my area has been a bit surprising to me as I never thought stores like that even existed. It was shocking to me that there are enough guys out there that enjoy wearing lingerie like I do that it actually requires building a store in the first place. I have to admit that I am happy that I did find this store so that I can see all the wonderful lingerie designs that are available and actually hold them in my hands instead of just looking at pictures of them on a website. It has opened a whole new door for me.

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My First Mens Lingerie Store Trip

Walking into my first mens lingerie store was a strange experience for me. I wasn’t exactly sure what I should have expected when I decided to go into that store, but it wouldn’t have mattered even if I could. I got the feeling that I was going to be walking into a Victoria’s Secret type store, only for men. What I ended up walking into, though, was nothing like that. I could definitely understand why a store like this wouldn’t be sitting in the middle of a mall somewhere downtown.

The mens lingerie store that I picked out to be my first was located in a darkened alley way and only opened after nightfall. I thought it was a bit odd myself but, then, I could imagine there would be some guys that didn’t want people seeing them walking into a store like this to select something sexy to wear. I almost thought I might see someone famous strolling around inside, but that wasn’t the type of store as it turned out. I was lucky I didn’t get mugged in that store if I were to be honest. It did help me find another store to go looking around in, though.


I still remember that first mens lingerie store and how uncomfortable I felt within its walls. I would love to say that I was able to find something that I wanted to try out, but it seemed like most of the items were either really old or had already been tried on by a lot of other guys before I even got there. The newer store that I have discovered is more like a mall type store and much easier to find things that I like, especially when they are in sealed plastic rather than just sitting on a big table. Even though I do need to know my exact size if I’m going to shop there; at least I know that their items are clean and factory sealed.



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Dreaming of Working in a Mens Lingerie Store


I have always wanted to work for a mens lingerie store. I feel that helping guys find something sexy and exciting to wear in the bedroom would be quite a bit of fun and helpful to so many guys in the world that need it. Most guys I know aren’t even aware that stores like this exist these days but, if they did, they would probably find their lives a lot more fun. I know that I found an excitement that I never knew existed when I discovered these types of stores. Although it did take me a while to actually go into one for the first time.

Once the Internet became so important to daily life, I found that most of the mens lingerie store options out there simply faded into the background. Not only does this make it difficult to purchase the items you want to share with your partner, but it made it difficult for me to find one to work for. However, almost as soon as these stores started disappearing, they started showing back up on the internet. I may not be able to work for them anymore, but at least I can still find interesting things to wear in the bedroom.

Even though I wished there was a mens lingerie store nearby that I could walk into and look at their items, I love the fact that I can sit comfortably in my own home and view items online. It does take out a bit of the personal aspect for me, but they also have a lot more items to choose from. The first lingerie store I ever went into didn’t have all that many choices for me to decide from, but there is something about being able to hold all those items in your hands that makes shopping in person a rather exciting event.

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Shopping in an Online Mens Lingerie Store


I was shopping in a mens lingerie store one day and found something I simply couldn’t live without. The only problem was that I didn’t have the money to actually purchase the item in question. I tried my best to get a deal on it but I just couldn’t talk them into it. Once I realized that I was going to have to leave the store without it, I figured I might want to try looking around online to see if I could find one there. So I went home and took a look to see what I could find.


I was quite desperate to find a mens lingerie store that carried my item. I looked through all of the websites, or at least all the ones that I could spend time looking through to see if I could find that very special item I wanted so desperately. After a few hours of looking around online, since I didn’t actually know what it was called, I found a site that had something very similar to it. It was extremely amazing to see that the price for this one was almost half of what it was in the store.

I ended up purchasing that item from the online mens lingerie store and couldn’t wait for it to show up in the mail. To my surprise, it actually got to my house quicker than I thought it would. Once I had it in the house, I was eager to try it on to see what it was going to be like. When I put it on, I was amazed at how it felt against my skin and how sexy it looked. I just knew that this was going to be my all-time favorite item to wear in the bedroom and my partner was going to enjoy it just as much I did.

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Finding an Up to Date Mens Lingerie Store

Finding an Up to Date Mens Lingerie Store

I love shopping at a particular mens lingerie store down town but they are always missing designs that I would love to have in my collection. I know they are a fairly small shop and they haven’t been around all that long, but you would think that they would do what they could in order to get the latest designs. I’m not faulting the store because they do have some wonderful designs as they are. It’s just that I see a lot of different designs online that this store never seems to have and that is a bit upsetting for me.

I would love to be able to see some lingerie online and then walk into the mens lingerie store downtown to purchase it. I don’t like having to wait with anticipation for my lingerie to show up in the mail a couple weeks after I order it. Sure, I could go ahead and spend the extra money to have it shipped overnight but, sometimes, that shipping cost can actually be more than the original price of the item I am buying. Maybe I can see if that store can order items that I find online. I should probably ask them some time.



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I was amazed when I discovered that there was a mens lingerie store going in a few years ago. I wasn’t even sure how something like that would work because men really don’t have many options when it comes to lingerie; not like women anyway. Then I started looking around online and found that there are a lot more lingerie designs than I ever would have thought possible. I was eager to see the new store when it opened and I still enjoy going in frequently. I just wished they had a better selection to choose from like the sites that I have visited in the past.

Discovering an Online Mens Lingerie Store


I recently purchased something from a mens lingerie store online and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I am not the type of guy that goes around buying things like this on a regular basis, but the lingerie that I did purchase was something extra special to me. Even my wife thought she hit the jackpot when she saw me walk out of the bathroom in it and that was a good thing. She normally thinks that I am being weird when I tell her I want to try something new in the bedroom, but not this time.

After buying that first item from the online mens lingerie store, I decided to look around and see what else they had to offer. There were a lot of items on that site that I simply wouldn’t feel comfortable trying out, but there were others that I really wanted to see how they fit. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I have a fetish for lingerie or anything. On the other hand, I could definitely see myself getting there with just a few more items if they all feel the same way that the one I purchased does.

You can see that there are a lot of mens lingerie store sites on the Internet these days and I highly recommend looking through as many of them as you can. I started out buying from one site only and now I have ten that I look through at least once a week to see if there is anything new to explore. My wife thinks I have gone a bit crazy with all this lingerie business, but her eyes always light up when I show her the newest item to add to my collection. It’s basically a win/win situation as far as I am concerned.


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Discovering Online Mens Lingerie Store

Discovering Online Mens Lingerie Store

I have yet to see an actual mens lingerie store in my area, but I am hoping that there will be one someday. I love wearing lingerie but there are only so many womens stores around that I can buy from. Having to come up with different excuses all the time is getting rather old. Thankfully, I was able to find sites online that sold male based lingerie and I haven’t had to walk into a store ever since then. It’s actually amazing that there are sites like this on the Internet as far as I am concerned, but I am getting used to them.

Being able to go to a mens lingerie store online and find anything I want is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. I never really knew that there were all that many guys in the world that wanted to wear the same things that I have been wearing. But once I found out that there are literally millions of guys looking for lingerie; I felt hope for my fetish yet again. It was like waking up on Christmas morning and actually seeing Santa Claus putting out my presents under the tree downstairs.

I know that guys that enjoy going to mens lingerie store sites will already know all about them. But for those guys that aren’t aware of them; you are going to really enjoy what they have to offer. No longer will you need to worry about finding womens lingerie that might or might not fit comfortably. Instead, you can find some that is actually created specifically for men so that they can enjoy their lingerie fetish whenever they want to. It doesn’t take much to regain control in your life and, if wearing lingerie will give that to you, then by all means you need to find something you like and wear them.